New Board member promises regional perspective 

At the recent GMA NSW Annual General Meeting, two new Directors were elected to the GMA NSW Board, one of them from the regional location of Bathurst.

Joining long serving members of the Board Cathy Neagle, Kieran Semple, David Burton, Glenn Howard and Brenden Ellam are Nigel Gibson, General Manager of Manly Golf Club and Brad Constable of Bathurst Golf Club.

“I am so pleased to have been nominated to the Board,” new Director Brad Constable said. “Hopefully I can provide an insight into how beneficial the GMA organisation can be for support and information services for country golf clubs.”

Constable has served as General Manager at the Bathurst Golf Club for eleven years. When he first started, the Club was on the brink of insolvency. He has managed to turn this around so that the Club is now very successful financially.

“I think I can provide a unique perspective into the issues faced by 75% of Australian golf clubs – financial instability,” he said.

Constable aims to focus on regional inclusion during his tenure on the GMA NSW Board by enhancing lines of communication and encouraging regional members to participate in events.

“Opening up my own mind to the bigger ‘golfing picture’ through an organisation like GMA NSW has given me a far greater perspective on Club operations as well as a support network that I can tap into at any stage,” Constable said.

“The GMA National conferences have been a massive help to me over the last few years. I don’t think enough country golf courses realise what is offered in terms of world class speakers and the techniques they offer which can help equip you for the demands of Club management.”

Constable believes he can help country golf clubs better understand the opportunities and services offered by GMA, which in turn can only help their organisation in the long run. 


Frances Cordaro


GMA NSW Corporate Partners