Golf Management Australia NSW (GMA NSW) is the professional organisation serving the needs of club managers within New South Wales and ACT.

Membership to GMANSW is open to all Golf Club Managers and administrators within the New South Wales and ACT region.

The mission of GMA NSW is “Leading and Developing Golf Club Management across New South Wales”.

This includes becoming leaders in providing relevant information and analysis to club management, providing networking opportunities for members, adding more value through services to the broad spectrum of club management and increasing the awareness of the organisation in the golfing fraternity.

The National Golf Management Australia body was formally registered in 2007. This will further strengthen the services available on a state basis and expand opportunities for national sponsorship relationships.

This website is the quickest and easiest way to access the plethora of information from GMA NSW seminars, forums, current issues, presentation papers, links to relevant legislation, contacts, newsletters, coming events and all other information and matters pertaining to club management.


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